Yet another thing to think about for your lake vacation home? Let us take care of the linen details for you! Tell us a little about yourself and your house, and Michelle will be in touch with you to create the perfectly clean – and soft – solution.

The Preferred Linen program was developed with homeowners in mind to ensure they always have fresh looking linens. The customized Preferred Linen Program will provide hotel quality sheets and towels based on each property’s needs.

The Preferred Linen Program was developed so that you, the owner, always have fresh looking linens. The program removes the financial burden of purchasing linens for your entire property and removes the inconvenience of having to replace damaged or missing linens on the fly!

How it works

We determine what linens your property needs
We price your annual linen fee based on your property needs
Linens must be stripped and replaced after each rental or use
Your cleaning service delivers linens to our offsite laundry and replaces inventory at property when cleaned
Linens are supplied for 12 months

Need Linens?

Use this form to get started – whether you’re a homeowner or renter, we’ll be in touch ASAP to set you up for clean linen success at your house.